About the Testnet Rewards Program

Fanfury Testnet Rewards Program — Coming soon

Greetings fellow LUNAtics,

Three months ago, Fanfury, then Crypto11, set about creating a campaign to have 15,000 users involved in testing our Fantasy Sports platform.
We started the campaign with a Whitelist Registration for 5,000 exclusive scouts! These privileged few, would not only be registered for the Testnet Reward Program but would also pre-qualify for an additional Special Reward Allocation of 5,000,000 $fury tokens via an airdrop.
To qualify, potential recruits were requested via a post on Twitter, to complete an obstacle course of tasks, including joining our Telegram and Twitter page, as well as Tweeting and Retweeting our post. To say that we had an overwhelming response would be an understatement, with the Whitelist
Registration clocking in at more than 7,500 potentials, eager to be a part of the Fanfury ecosystem.

After months of waiting, and immense patience from our community (through gritted teeth, at times), the time to announce the fortuitous 5,000 Whitelist Registrations, is finally upon us.

The Testnet Reward Program: 1,000,000 $Fury tokens

As the Whitelist entries are now closed, our Testnet Reward Program will be opened next! The second registration form for Testnet will be opened to seek the last 10,000 squad members, who will be allowed to take part. This final group of legends will have the burden of taking the application through a pre-launch testing period.
1,000,000 $Fury tokens, will be allocated towards our Testnet Rewards program, with about 15,000potential members participating!
They will be required to provide their active Telegram IDs and Terra wallet addresses. All airdrops will be sent to this wallet address so users will need to make sure that their wallet is valid and accessible.
Once Testnet launches, users must log in, and connect their wallets, as a part of the predetermined tasks to fulfill the registration requirements. These tasks will be weighted, based on which a point system will determine the number of tokens each user will ultimately receive after minting.

It is important to understand that registering for the Testnet program only affords an allocation of the total tokens available for Testnet, and only upon completion of all assigned tasks during Testnet, will one receive their entire allocation of the airdrop. Completion of only some of the tasks will result in only a portion of the airdrop being allocated.

The tokens will be minted just before the launch on Mainnet, and all allocations to participants’ wallets will happen soon after. The allocated tokens will be locked for a period of 30 days, following TGE; however, users will be allowed to stake their $fury tokens during this lockup period. Users will need to claim their Testnet Reward allocation within three months, from the last day of the 30-day lock-up from TGE, after which the allocated tokens will be burnt.

Those who do not participate in the Testnet program within a week of its start will forfeit their place in the program, giving up a larger allocation to those who participate.

Warning: Any Fake or Double Entries will be automatically disqualified from our Public Sale Whitelist Raffles, and Future Raffles we have scheduled.




Fanfury is a decentralized fantasy sports platform that brings trust-less play-to-earn gaming to everyone.

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Fanfury is a decentralized fantasy sports platform that brings trust-less play-to-earn gaming to everyone.

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